Building Permit Requirements

Requirements For Obtaining A Building Permit Requirements

New Structure:

  1. Completed application along with:
    1. DEP approval-Sanitary Report
    2. Two sets of stamped and signed architectural plans drawn to scale
    3. Site plan showing all setbacks and sidelines 
    4. Written cost of structure 
    5. Proof of workers’ compensation insurance and disability benefits coverage.
    6. Payment of all applicable fees
  2. Inspections of all work to be done by Code Office (72 hrs notice minimum) 
    Detailed Inspection checklist supplied with application.
    1.  Inspect before any concrete is poured                      
    2. Inspect before any interior walls are closed up 
    3. Inspect when walls are closed 
    4. CO and Smoke Detectors must be installed  
    5. Greene County electrician must  be used for all work
  3. If your project disturbs one or more acres of land, you  must have a permit for storm water discharges from your site.

For C.O. on Structure

  1. Final DEP approval
  2. Certified electrical inspection
  3. NYS Residential Building Energy Standards Certificate
  4. Copy of Well Completion Report
  5. Final Code Office Inspection

For Additions or Renovations to Existing  Structure:
(Rooms, Decks, Wood Stoves, Attached Garage, etc.)

  1. Completed application along with:
    1. Two sets of stamped and signed architectural plans drawn to scale (If non-structural a sketch showing proposed construction may be submitted).
      1. Site plan showing all setbacks and sidelines.
      2. Written cost of project           
      3. Proof of worker’s compensation insurance and disability benefits coverage.
      4. Payment of all applicable fees.
  2. Inspection by Code Officer (see #2 above) (New Structure)                     
  3. Greene County electrician must  be used for all electrical work                       
  4. Inspections will be made by the Code Officer at certain periods throughout all construction so Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Completion can be issued.
  5. All structures built prior to January 1,1978 must comply with the U.S. Environment Protection Agency regulations pertaining to lead.
  6. If your project disturbs one or more acres of land, you must have a permit for storm-water discharges from your site.
   updated 10/1/2011