Naming of Lexington

In 1813 Lexington officially became a town. In 2013 we will celebrate the rich history of this township by acknowledging as many historical events and real-life stories as we can. Our history is fascinating and there is much to remember and to honor.

Most of you know that we were originally named New Goshen by many settlers (or perhaps the influential ones) that hailed from Goshen, Connecticut. But just months later the town name was changed to Lexington by Silas Fowler, a captain in the Revolutionary War.

Silas fought in the Lexington/Concord Battle. In a presumably, heartfelt patriotic gesture, he suggested that this brand new town accept the worthy and patriotic aspects of the name "Lexington". The idea was accepted, and on April 1st, 1813, our town officially became Lexington, Greene County, New York.

Silas did not stand alone when he faced the first town council. He was accompanied by a "band of Revolutionary War soldiers" who according to records, "influenced" the name change. One of the band was Charles Vorse, also a veteran of the Lexington/Concord Battle. Charles had entered the war at the age of 15 as a drummer boy.

It would be exciting to find the names of the rest of the "band of Revolutionary War soldiers" that are responsible for our name. We are on that search. Without a doubt, we owe honor and great respect to this very patriotic beginning, and, therefore, we plan to celebrate, with gusto, all of Lexington's patriotic connections.